Book review instructions

Instructions for authors of book reviews

The work of scholarly journals, and the general pursuit of academic excellence, depend so much on the good will of individuals to contribute scholarly work. For those scholars who agree, or offer, to submit a book review for ISJ , thank you, personally and on behalf of Island Studies Journal, for your care, interest and dedication in doing so.

If you wish to suggest a book for review or to submit an unsolicited review, please first contact ISJ’s Book Reviews Editor, Genève Phillip-Durham, with your proposal. There is considerable interest in writing reviews for ISJ, and the journal can only publish a limited number of reviews, so it is best to ensure that your potential review is of interest to the journal before you spend time working on it.

Your book review should be concise – around 1000 words – critically highlighting both the merits and limitations of the text. It should focus on a text that has been published recently (typically within the past two years). The review’s main objective is to provide readers with a concise, critical, and fair commentary that focuses on the book’s distinctiveness and originality, and especially on its value and contribution to island studies. While some indication should be made as to the overall structure and content of the book, the review should mainly engage with its key ideas. Do not insert citations, and do not provide a list of references or a bibliography.

Solicited reviews should be submitted within three months of the date that the book to be reviewed is received by the author. Remember that ISJ is published twice yearly: in May and November. Reviews would need to be received by not later than the end of February and the end of August respectively to be considered for the forthcoming issue.

Note that Island Studies Journal encourages a cross-disciplinarity for the sake of providing more comprehensive and holistic assessments of the conditions and issues impacting on islands and island life. This means that ISJ’s target audiences may not be nested in strict disciplinary confines. Clarity of expression and effectiveness of communication are essential.

Include the following information in the title of your book review: author of the book (all authors – no et al.); year of publication; full book title; place of publication; publisher; number of pages; ISBN number; and price for hardback and/or paperback and/or e-book version, preferably in US$. Here is a sample of how such a title should read:

  • Jeffrey Sasha Davis (2015). The empire’s edge: militarization, resistance and transcending hegemony in the Pacific. 176pp. Athens GA: University of Georgia Press. ISBN: 978-0-8203-4456-0. US$59.95. 

Send your review to Genève Phillip-Durham, ISJ  Book Reviews Editor. Expect to be contacted for any revisions.

Samples of published book reviews are readily available from any of the past issues of ISJ.