Island Studies Journal – Vol. 10, No. 2
November 2015

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Scholarly Articles

Review Essays

Book Reviews

  • Impact of climate change and human activity on the eco-environment. An analysis of the Xisha islands by Xu Liqiang (reviewer: Rosa Enn).
  • Land solutions for climate displacement by Scott Leckie (Ed.) (reviewer: Ilan Kelman).
  • The survival of people and languages: Schooners, goats, and cassava in St. Barthélemy, French West Indies by Julianne Maher (reviewer: Russell Fielding).
  • Islands and military orders, c. 1291-c. 1798 by Emanuel Buttigieg and Simon Phillips (Eds.) (2013) (reviewer: Peter Harris).
  • Sea change: The shore from Shakespeare to Banville by Christoph Singer (reviewer: John Brannigan).
  • The Pacific festivals of Aotearoa New Zealand: Negotiating place and identity in a new homeland by Jared Mackley-Crump (reviewer: David Picard).
  • Men as islands: Robinsonades from Sophocles to Margaret Atwood by Susan Reid & David Stuart Reid. (reviewer: Britta Hartmann).
  • Miscellanea Geographica: Regional Studies on Development19(2), 5-49. Thematic Issue: Future of Islands. Executive Editor: Maciej Jędrusik. (reviewer: Sonya Graci).
  • Australians in Papua New Guinea 1960-1975 by Ceridwen Spark, Seumas Spark and Christina Twomey (Eds.) (reviewer: Dario Di Rosa).
  • Education for sustainable development in small island developing states by Matthew Hiebert (reviewer: Tavis D. Jules).
  • The China-Japan border dispute: Islands of contention in multidisciplinary perspective by Tim. F. Liao, Kimie Hara, & Krista Wiegand (Eds.); and Non-traditional security issues and the South China Sea: Shaping a new framework for cooperation by Shicun Wu and Keyuan Zou (Eds.) (reviewer: Godfrey Baldacchino).
  • Offshoring by John Urry (reviewer: David Fabri).