Island Studies Journal – Vol. 11, No. 1
May 2016

Scholarly Papers

Thematic Section I: Sustainable development and environmental conservation in the Outermost European Regions (Guest Editor: Artur Gil)

Thematic Section II: Papers from the Excellence Network of Island Territories (RETI) meetings in Orkney, June 2015. (Guest Editor: James E. Randall)

Other Scholarly Papers

 Review Essays

Book Reviews

  • Japan’s border issues: Pitfalls and prospects by Akihiro Iwashita. (reviewer: Godfrey Baldacchino)
  • Islands of identity: History writing and identity formation in five island regions in the Baltic Sea by Samuel Edquist & Janne Holmén. (reviewer: Atina Nihtinen)
  • Niue 1774–1974: 200 years of contact and change by Margaret Pointer. (reviewer: Linda Austin)
  • Malta: Women, history, books and places by Susanna Hoe. (reviewer: Yosanne Vella)
  • L’ile, regards orientaux: Varia orientalia, biblica et antiqua by Acta Orientalia Belgica. (reviewer: Jean Marie Breton)
  • Planet/Cuba: Art, culture and the future of the island by Rachel Price. (reviewer: James P. Warren)
  • Mondes clos: Les îles by Daniel Barbu, Nicolas Meylan and Youri Volokhine (Eds.). (reviewer: Johannes Riquet)
  • Expedición al México de ultramar by Víctor Busteros; Estrategias de adaptación en las Islas Marías by Nelson Álvarez & María de la Luz Sevilla; Clipperton by Pablo Raphael. (reviewer: Jesús Israel Baxin Martínez)

Journal Issue Cover – Fajã de Santo Cristo, on São Jorge Island, Azores, Portugal. © 2016: Professor Paulo A.V. Borges, University of the Azores, Portugal. Reproduced with permission.