Island Studies Journal – Vol. 11, No. 2 November 2016

Scholarly Articles

Thematic Section 1: Island Toponymies (Guest Editor: Joshua Nash)

Thematic Section 2: Islands and Decolonization (Guest Editors: Adam Grydehøj & Yaso Nadarajah)

Other Scholarly Papers

Review Essays

Book Reviews

  • The empire’s edge: Militarization, resistance and transcending hegemony in the Pacific by Jeffrey Sasha Davis. (reviewer: Catherine Lutz)
  • The heart and the island: A critical study of Sicilian American literature by Chiara Mazzucchelli (reviewer: Guglielmo Tita)
  • Islands, islanders and the Bible: RumInations by Jione Havea (Ed.) (reviewer: Gilles Vidal)
  • Fast grund under fødderne: Ø-filosofiske pejlemærker (In Danish). [Solid ground under one’s feet: Island-philosophical indicators] by Jørgen Rasmussen (reviewer: Owe Ronström)
  • Isles of amnesia: The history, geography and restoration of America’s forgotten Pacific islands by Mark J. Rauzon (reviewer: Jeffrey Sasha Davis)
  • Disappearing island states in international law by Jenny Grote Stoutenburg (reviewer: Meinhard Doelle)
  • Self-determinable development of small islands by Masahide Ishihara, Eiichi Hoshino and Yoko Fujita (Eds.) (reviewer: Thanasis Kizos)
  • La cité du soleil et les territoires des hommes: Le savoir du monde chez Campanella by Jean-Louis Fournel (reviewer: Jean Paul De Lucca)
  • Shipwreck and island motifs in literature and the arts by Brigette Le Juez and Olga Springer (Eds.) (reviewer: Ralph Crane)