Island Studies Journal – Vol. 12, No. 2
November 2017

Scholarly Papers

Thematic section: Islands of China and the Sinophone world
(Guest editors: Adam Grydehøj, Otto Heim, & Huan Zhang)

Thematic section: Island fictions and metaphors in contemporary literature
(Guest Editors: Katrin Dautel & Kathrin Schödel)

Book Reviews

  • Archipelagic American studies by Brian Russell Roberts & Michelle Ann Stephens (eds) (reviewer: Jonathan Pugh)
  • Un entramado de islas: persona, medio ambiente y cambio climático en el Pacífico occidental by Carlos Mondragón (reviewer: Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert)
  • Vertical: the city from satellites to bunkers by Stephen Graham (reviewer: Alison Williams)
  • Scotland: mapping the islands by Christopher Fleet, Margaret Wilkes, & Charles W.J. Withers (reviewer: Vanessa Collingridge)
  • Othello’s secret: the Cyprus problem by R.M. Christofides (reviewer: Rosemary Gaby)
  • Pacific ways: government and politics in the Pacific islands by Stephen Levine (reviewer: Sasha Davis)
  • The Caribbean before Columbus by William F. Keegan & Corinne L. Hofman (reviewer: Philippa Mein Smith)