Island Studies Journal – Vol. 13, No. 2
November 2018

Scholarly Papers

Thematic section: Island textiles and clothing
(Guest editor: Siún Carden)

Other Scholarly Papers

Book Reviews

  • Postcolonial nations, islands, and tourism: reading real and imagined spaces by Helen Kapstein (reviewer: Jenny R. Isaacs)
  • Arcticness: power and voice from the north by Ilan Kelman (Ed.) (review: Dani Redd)
  • Tourism and language in Vieques: an ethnography of the post-Navy period by Luis Galanes Valldejuli (reviewer: Carlo A. Cubero)
  • Öar och öighet: introduktion till östudier [Islands and islandness: introduction to island studiesby Owe Ronström (reviewer: Jørgen Rasmussen)
  • On the edge: writing the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic by Maria Cristina Fumagalli (reviewer: Masaya Llavaneras Blanco)
  • Think like an archipelago: paradox in the work of Édouard Glissant by Michael Wiedorn (reviewer: Jonathan Pugh)
  • Mini-India: the politics of migration and subalternity in the Andaman Islands by Philipp Zehmisch (reviewer: M. Satish Kumar)
  • Understanding tropical coastal and island tourism development by Klaus J. Meyer-Arendt & Alan A. Lew (Eds.) (reviewer: Allison Elgie)