Island Studies Journal – Vol. 15, No. 2
November 2020

Scholarly Papers

Thematic Section: Silk Road archipelagos: Islands in the Belt & Road Initiative
(Editors: Adam Grydehøj, Sasha Davis, & Huan Zhang) 

Thematic Section: Islands, History, Memory
(Editor: May Joseph)

Other Scholarly Papers

Book Reviews

  • The aesthetics of island space: Perception, ideology, geopoetics by Johannes Riquet (reviewer: Jonathan Pugh)
  • If everyone returned, the island would sink: Urbanisation and migration in Vanuatu by Kirstie Petrou (reviewer: Liam Saddington)
  • Complicated simplicity: Island life in the Pacific Northwest by Joy Davis (reviewer: Sarah Davidson)
  • So many islands: stories from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Indian and Pacific Oceans by Nicholas Laughlin & Nailah Folami Imoja (Eds.) (reviewer: David Philips)
  • Listening for the dead bells: Highland magic in Prince Edward Island by Marian Bruce (reviewer: Megan Lane MacDonald)
  • The age of the island: In search of new and disappearing islands by Alastair Bonnet (reviewer: Bob Frame)
  • A short history of Ireland, 1500-2000 by John Gibney (reviewer: Lin Sun)
  • African islands: Leading edges of empire and globalization by Toyin Falola, R. Joseph Parrott, & Danielle Porter Sanchez (Eds.) (reviewer: Amina Ghezal)