Island Studies Journal
Vol. 16, No. 2
November 2021

Scholarly Papers

Special Section: Representing islands – producing islandness: Rethinking identities, mobilities, and relations in island research
(Editors: Sarah Nimführ & Greca N. Meloni)

Other Scholarly Papers

Book Reviews

  • Hiroko Matsuda (2019). Liminality of the Japanese Empire: Border Crossings from Okinawa to Colonial Taiwan (reviewers: Xili Wu & Huilong Li)
  • James E. Randall (2021). An Introduction to Island Studies. (reviewer: Ayano Ginoza)
  • Andrew Spencer (2019). Travel and Tourism in the Caribbean: Challenges and Opportunities for Small Island Developing States. (reviewer: Francielle Laclé)
  • Lino Briguglio, Jessica Byron, Stefano Moncada, and Wouter Veenendaal (2020). Handbook of Governance in Small States. (reviewer: Courtney Lindsay)
  • Jaine Beswick (2019). Identity, Language and Belonging on Jersey: Migration and the Channel Islands. (reviewers: Xianlong Zu & Yutong Yuan)
  • Anders Emil Rasmussen (2015). In the Absence of the Gift: New Forms of Value and Personhood in a Papua New Guinea Community. (reviewer: Dominik Schieder)