Island Studies Journal
Vol. 17, No. 1
May 2022

Scholarly Papers


Special Section: Islands of refuge, islands of contagion
(Editor: May Joseph)

Periodic Section: Anthropocene Islands (Editors: Jonathan Pugh & David Chandler)

Other scholarly papers

Book Reviews

  • Daniel Graziadei (2017). Insel(n) im Archipel. Zur Verwendung einer Raumfigur in den zeitgenössischen anglo-, franko- und hispanophonen Literaturen der Karibik. (Reviewer: Martina Allen)
  • Marina Karides (2021). Sappho’s Legacy: Convivial Economics on a Greek Isle. (Reviewer: Laurie Brinklow)
  • Lyndon Gill (2018). Erotic Islands: Art and Activism in the Queer Caribbean. (Reviewer: Nikoli Attai)
  • Pavla Šimková (2021). Urban Archipelago: An Environmental History of the Boston Harbor Islands. (Helena M. Ryan)
  • Acolla Lewis-Cameron, Leslie-Ann Jordan, and Sherma Roberts. (2021). Managing Crises in Tourism: Resilience Strategies from the Caribbean. (Reviewer: Robert Stewart)