Island Studies Journal – Vol. 7, No. 1
May 2012

Scholarly Articles

Thematic Section: European Islands and Current Migrations

Other Articles

Review Essay

Book Reviews   

  • Islands and Britishness: A Global Perspective by Jodie Matthews & Daniel Travers (reviewer: Alex Law)
  • Saving Small Island Developing States: Environmental and Natural Resource Challenges by Shyam Nath, John L. Roberts & Yeti Nisha Madhoo (reviewer: Joie Taylor)
  • Inseln: Geschichte einer Faszination [Islands: The History of a Fascination] by Volkmar Billig (reviewer: Ina Berg)
  • Islands and Cities in Medieval Myth, Literature and History by Andrea Grafetstätter, Sieglinde Hartmann & James Ogier (reviewer: Matthew Boyd Goldie)
  • L’Usage de l’Ile [Using the Island] by Nathalie Bernardie-Tahir (reviewer: Godfrey Baldacchino)
  • Surviving Paradise: One Year on a Disappearing Island by Peter Rudiak-Gould (reviewer: David Kupferman)
  • Island Tourism: Sustainable Perspectives by Jack Carlsen and Richard Butler and Disappearing Destinations: Climate Change and Future Challenges for Coastal Tourism by Andrew Jones and Michael Phillips (reviewers: Ilan Kelman and Marianne Karlsson)
  • Island Futures: Conservation and Development Across the Asia-Pacific Region by Godfrey Baldacchino & Daniel Niles (reviewer: Kathy Stuart)
  • Island of Inquiry: Colonization, Seafaring and the Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes by Sue O’ConnorGeoffrey Clark & Foss Leach (reviewer: Ina Berg)
  • Communication, Culture and Society in Papua New Guinea: Yu Tok Wanem? By Evangelia Papoutsaki, Michael McManus & Patrick Matbob (reviewer: John Cokley)
  • Education in Small States: Policies and Priorities by Michael Crossley, Mark Bray & Steve Packer and Tertiary Education in Small States: Planning in the Context of Globalization by Michaela Martin & Mark Bray (reviewer: Tavis D. Jules)
  • The Sea and Englishness in the Middle Ages: Maritime Narratives, Identity and Culture by Sebastian I. Sobecki (reviewer: Maria Shmygol)